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            日期:2024-01-16   來源:http://www.idsashop.com/


            Long arm excavators are often used in many scenarios where ordinary excavators are difficult to construct, mainly in the following areas.

            地鐵開挖:在修建地鐵工程時一切的軌跡或地基也需求運用發掘機彈性臂才干進行,也是由于需求挖的深度高并且開槽寬,須要彈性臂才干順暢的發揮   整理河道或魚塘:運用發掘機彈性臂經常能運用在整理河道或魚塘的工作上,河道和魚塘都是較深的工作場地,因而要發掘就需求改裝彈性臂的發掘機 才干滿足。

            Subway excavation: In the construction of subway projects, all trajectories or foundations also require the use of elastic arms of excavators. This is also due to the need for deep excavation and wide grooves, which require elastic arms to smoothly play a role in tidying up rivers or fish ponds. The use of elastic arms of excavators can often be used in tidying up rivers or fish ponds, which are deep work sites, Therefore, in order to excavate, it is necessary to modify the excavator with elastic arms to meet the requirements.


            Construction handling application: In order to quickly carry out high-rise handling of soil, sand or concrete at major construction sites, it is also necessary to use excavator elastic arms to assist in transportation.

            水利水電工程:在興修水利水電工程時,長臂挖掘機能夠根據所需求的深 度進行發掘。

            Water conservancy and hydropower engineering: In the construction of water conservancy and hydropower engineering, the long arm excavator can excavate according to the required depth.



            Precautions for purchasing long arm excavators:


            Specific specification parameters:

            通常挖掘機伸縮臂提供不同的規格參數來供購買方進行選擇,不同的規格 和參數通常對應不同的土質和施工密度,因此購買方需要估算建筑工程土 地的土質以及大致的施工時間,才能有針對性的購買到適用的產品、

            Usually, excavator telescopic arms provide different specifications and parameters for buyers to choose from. Different specifications and parameters usually correspond to different soil types and construction densities. Therefore, buyers first need to estimate the soil quality of the construction land and the approximate construction time in order to purchase suitable products with specificity


            Equipment details handling:

            使用中設備會承受較大的作用力,因此設備的每一個零部件都要求質量過關堅固耐用,這樣才能保證它能夠承受長時間的使用壓力。因此施工方在選購 時,原則上應當對產品的細節部分進行詳細的辨別,對零部件的材質的品質進行考量。

            During use, the equipment will bear a significant amount of force, so every component of the equipment must be of good quality, sturdy, and durable, in order to ensure that it can withstand long-term use pressure. Therefore, when selecting products, the construction party should, in principle, carefully distinguish the details of the products and consider the quality of the materials used in the components.


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