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            日期:2024-01-13   來源:http://www.idsashop.com/


            The extended arm excavator utilizes an ultra long boom and an ultra long bucket, which can exert tremendous power in conditions limited by ground conditions such as dredging, revetment, slopes, and subway construction. Currently, subway construction is being carried out in various parts of the country, and projects such as river dredging and pollution control are also flourishing to protect the environment. Therefore, there is a great market demand for extended arm excavators. For this reason, our company's excavator with extended arms will occupy a unique position in this vibrant niche market.


            1、 Scope of use of excavator extended arm


            There are two types of excavator extension arms: two-stage excavator extension arms and three-stage excavator extension arms. The two-stage excavator extension arms are mainly suitable for earthwork foundations and deep excavation operations, as well as river dredging; The three-stage excavator with extended arm is mainly suitable for dismantling and other engineering projects of high-rise buildings. According to the principles of leverage and mechanics, the force on the extended arm of an excavator is reduced compared to before, and construction should be avoided in heavy work environments as much as possible.



            2、 How to demolish a building with a three-stage excavator and an extended arm?


            It mainly depends on the height of the building. For example, demolishing a 5-story building:


            Some mud or industrial waste must be transported to the bottom first, so that the excavator can lift the impact hammer and reach the roof.


            After the excavator is loaded with filling material, stabilize it and leave enough turning space.


            Use an impact hammer to hit the wall vertically inward (about 1 meter away from the top), open a hole in the wall, and push the debris inward to prevent it from falling and hitting oneself.


            Expand the hole without moving the beams and columns for now. After opening the brick wall, hit the pillars so that the beams above cannot support it and will fall inside, ensuring one's own safety. Push in from top to bottom in this order.

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