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            日期:2023-12-22   來源:http://www.idsashop.com/


            1、 Remember to lock the door, don't hold onto the frame with your hands


            There are many masters who are accustomed to not locking the door properly when driving excavators (the door of the excavator cab is locked when closed, and also locked when opened), and they are accustomed to supporting the door frame. And excavators are being towed downhill or downhill


            When driving, many drivers tend to push their left hand against the front windshield or door frame and operate the excavator with their right hand. If the car door is open and not locked at this time, due to the forward tilt of the body, the car door


            Because it will quickly close due to gravity, it is usually a very strong force. If you hold your hand on the door frame, you will get caught. The consequences are very serious. So when operating an excavator, regardless of whether the car door is open or closed


            All must be locked properly. Drivers should try not to hold onto the door frame.


            2、 Precautions during walking


            Many beginners or apprentices, in order to improve their visibility, raise the boom of the excavator, fully open the bucket, and lift the bucket upwards. Actually, walking in this way is very dangerous because the working device is raised high,


            So if the center of gravity is high, even a slight unevenness on the ground can cause the car to overturn.


            3、 Pay attention to blind spots



            The cab of the excavator is on the left side, and the middle passive arm blocks the line of sight, so there is a large blind spot on the right side, especially behind the right side, which is not visible. Many excavator accidents are caused by the tail end


            The right side of the car is spinning and injuring someone! So when working in a less spacious area, excavators should be kept to the left as much as possible to leave more space on the right side.


            4、 Neglecting the rearview mirror of excavators


            The rearview mirror is a very fragile thing on excavators, and it often gets bumped off during work or transportation. Many drivers may feel that they just touch it, but it's not important and they don't replace it with a new one in a timely manner


            Rearview mirror. In fact, the rearview mirror is very important on excavators, especially on the right side. Accidents often occur due to weak safety awareness.

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