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            日期:2023-12-11   來源:http://www.idsashop.com/


            The extended arm operates in harsh environments for a long time. Maintaining the extended arm can reduce its malfunctions, extend its service life, improve work efficiency, and achieve optimal performance.


            Apply butter at least twice a day to lengthen the upper and lower arms. When working in muddy water, if the connecting pin of the work device is immersed in water, it should be cleaned thoroughly and then buttered after each completion. Before each assignment, check whether the connection part of the work device is filled with butter. After adding butter each time, operate the boom and bucket several times, then add butter again until the old butter is squeezed out.


            When working in coastal or corrosive areas, the entire machine should be thoroughly cleaned after operation to remove salt. If necessary, butter or engine oil should be added where needed to avoid rusting. In cold winter work, it is necessary to return the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder to the hydraulic cylinder barrel to avoid soil and water sticking to the piston rod, which may damage the sealing ring of the hydraulic cylinder.



            Construction precautions for long arm excavators


            When the excavator rotates, it must be 0.5 meters above the ground.


            When inserting the bucket into the work target, it is strictly prohibited to strike vigorously, and walking and rotating are also prohibited.


            If the movement of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod cannot reach the end of the stroke, a small safe distance should be kept.


            Do not use extended arms to lift heavy objects.


            When operating on rocky ground, direct insertion is not allowed, and other methods should be used to break it before excavation.


            Use a bucket that is suitable for excavation capacity, and do not use a bucket that exceeds or is overloaded, as it directly affects the service life of the excavator and extended arm.


            The prerequisite for modifying the excavator's large and small arms is to consider several aspects such as power, hydraulic pressure, and counterweight balance..


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