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            日期:2023-12-08   來源:http://www.idsashop.com/


            When renting a long arm excavator, the boom and forearm of the excavator cannot be lifted or extended. Why can't the extended arm of the excavator be lifted? Generally speaking, the fault is mainly caused by damage to the crankshaft sensors of the arm and forearm. Therefore, when using an excavator, it is necessary to prevent the arm excavator from tilting or colliding due to excessive operation. Sensors with such conflicts are prone to damage, malfunctions, or ground short circuits.


            Of course, there is also a normal possibility for sensors, but if the machine cannot function properly, the drive pipe rented by the excavator may be damaged. In this case, we can only repair and replace the damaged parts. In the operation process of renting a long arm excavator, if the long arm is found to be slow, it is necessary to check the seal for any problems, release hydraulic oil, start the engine. If there is no hydraulic oil, it indicates the good sealing of the piston.



            If the seal is ineffective, it is an internal leak that needs to be repaired. In addition, check if the suction valve is working properly. It can protect our oil circuit and replenish pressure by sucking oil from the tank, which can effectively protect the oil circuit.


            The telescopic arm bucket has a deeper excavator depth and a larger bucket, making it much more efficient than the extended arm excavator. At the same time, it requires less swing space, suitable for compact positions, and does not require roads. Of course, this type of tool cannot be installed on any excavator and is usually only used on excavators weighing over 20 tons. Leasing of extended arm excavators


            The main reason for the inability of the arm to retract is due to the malfunction of the balance valve or air in the oil pipe. If there is a leak in the oil inlet pipe and the air enters, the leak can be eliminated first, and then the control lever can be repeatedly pulled and pushed to allow the gas to return to the oil tank along the return oil path; If there is a malfunction in the balance valve, slowly unscrew the hollow bolt from the balance valve to the oil inlet of the lower chamber, allowing the hydraulic oil in the lower chamber of the telescopic cylinder to slowly flow out from the joint gap. At this time, the telescopic arm will automatically retract under its own weight, and then check whether the small hole of the control oil port of the balance valve is blocked.


            The pile foundation consists of a foundation pile and a cap connected to the top of the pile. If the pile body is completely buried in the soil and the bottom surface of the cap contacts the soil, it is called a low cap pile foundation; If the upper part of the pile body is exposed to the ground and the bottom of the pier cap is above the ground, it is called a high pier cap pile foundation. Building pile foundations are usually low cap pile foundations. Pile foundations are widely used in high-rise buildings.

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