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            日期:2023-09-08   來源:http://www.idsashop.com/
            We all know the function of excavators, but after modification, excavators are different. The extra long arm gives it a different height, and the arbitrary replacement of the front-end working device gives it extraordinary ability, which is deeply loved by professionals. Therefore, everyone says that modifying the pile driving arm of excavators is your wise choice. It is precisely because of this, in various engineering construction, municipal, high-speed rail, Its familiar figure can be seen in subway and other working conditions. Without its participation, we could not have achieved such rapid efficiency, and it still exists as one person playing multiple roles, silently contributing to construction machinery. Nowadays, its work efficiency is obvious to all, and more and more people are becoming familiar with the modification of excavator pile arm, and many people are becoming interested in it.
            Because during the daily use of excavators, their own defects limit their working range, and the existing large and small arms cannot meet the on-site requirements, especially in the construction of hydropower stations. Due to the serious sedimentation of river channels, 5-8m thick sand and gravel layers are deposited, with local thicknesses reaching 10-12M. Ordinary excavators are simply unable to operate, so while pursuing construction efficiency, Optimizing the construction environment and operating methods has also become an important part of the construction process of hydropower stations, and excavator extension arm manufacturers have played a huge role in this process.
            Generally speaking, the working conditions of excavators are very harsh, so there are quite high requirements for the material of the rock arm of the excavator. In addition to high requirements for the material, the weight of the rock arm is also strictly regulated. During the modification process of the rock arm, concrete and iron sand are added to the large and small arms to increase the weight of the excavator arm, thereby increasing the excavation force and overcoming even more harsh working environments, Because it relies on the hydraulic system to perform its crushing function, it is much easier to use than a crushing hammer because it not only produces a lot of noise and dust, but also has a sharp device in the front of the rock arm, combined with its own counterweight, which can easily break through hard stones with three to five efforts. The effect is really much better.
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