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            日期:2023-08-17   來源:http://www.idsashop.com/
            Do many people think that large machinery can only be used for large projects? Actually, not necessarily. Nowadays, many large machinery can also be used for small projects. Taking building houses as an example, houses are a common small project because they are our homes. Everyone wants to build their own homes according to their own style, but building a house is not a simple task. If we continue to build according to the traditional methods in the past, it may take one or two years
            Of course, there is a way. As long as we don't follow the traditional method of construction and use the help of large machinery, wouldn't that be faster? But can large machinery be helpful in building projects? Do you think using large machinery is overkill and overkill? But the fact is often not like this, machinery is not divided into size, only easy to use. Therefore, many people nowadays use large machinery to help build houses, such as mud tankers, large excavators with extended arms, etc. Moreover, many people now have the conditions, so houses will be built relatively high. Therefore, the foundation is very important. In order to better consolidate the foundation, of course, it is necessary to dig deeper, and can using excavators with extended arms compare to manual labor? Of course not.
            The current labor cost is so high, and several people are needed to cooperate. However, if an excavator is used to extend the arm, it will be different. With a bucket capacity of 1.7 square meters, it won't take half a day to dig a foundation several meters deep. In this way, is it much faster than previous pure manual labor? In fact, Huitong Heavy Industry believes that the invention of machinery is convenient for us to use, regardless of the size of the project. If you still have some tricky projects, why not try using an excavator to extend the arm?
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