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            日期:2018-06-21   來源:http://www.idsashop.com/
            The long arm of the excavator is divided into two section, three section and four section. The two section is mainly suitable for soil sand, concrete and other building handling, highway slope surface dressing, dredging and dredging of the river and building foundation, river and deep gully and so on. The three and four segments are mainly applied to the dismantling of high building buildings. Industry and so on. The most important thing is to increase the weight of the rear buttock counterweight according to the need of increasing the weight of the long arm, so as to maintain the balance before and after. Avoid accidents in the work of excavators.
            The main matching and weight of excavators plus long arms and extended arms are as follows:
            The 1, 10-16 tonnage and long arm can be lengthened to 13 meters.

            The 2, 20-22 tonnage and long arm can be lengthened to 15.4 meters.
            3, 20-25 tonnage plus long arm, can be lengthened to 18 meters
            4, 25-34 tonnage plus long arm, can be lengthened to 20 meters
            5, 35-40 tonnage plus long arm, can be lengthened to 22 meters
            6, 40-50 tonnage plus long arm, can be lengthened to 24-26 meters
            7、以上加長臂統一配置為:0.4方挖斗1個、鏟斗油缸1支、銷軸6支、 高壓軟管4條、黃油管3條、連桿總成一套。不管哪種車床,都需要莫氏錐度的配合,利用的是摩擦的原理,拔出來是利用頂絲頂出來的,利用的是杠桿原理。
            7, the above plus long arms are uniformly configured as 0.4 sides, 1 bucket, 1 bucket, 1 pin, 4 high pressure hose, 3 butter tube and one connecting rod assembly. No matter what kind of lathe top, it needs the coordination of taper, using the principle of friction, drawing out is the top of the top wire, using the principle of lever.

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